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DDR3 RAM for Computers: Stepping in the Next Era!

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Breaking the barriers for memory speed is a revolutionary phenomenon in this tech-savvy world! Everyone wants to go for a newer memory standard for long term upgrade potential. Even I was looking for one to upgrade my personal computer. When it comes to higher data bandwidth, lower power consumption, faster speeds & greater efficiency – DDR and DDR2 RAMs are considered as unbeatable and incomparable. But never-ending human needs have recently come up with a next generation evolution of computer RAM! Introducing DDR3 – a platform where Gigahertz will seem like a history!
A recent analysis says that this latest technology is defined by the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC). This unit is the semiconductor standardization body of the Electronic Industries Alliance with over 300 member companies. The council says that people will avail DDR3 RAM soon in their desktops, servers, notebooks & telecommunications.
Advantages over DDR and DDR2
For a general user, DDR3 may seem to be similar as DDR2 as both of these have 240 pins on the memory modules. But tech-guys can easily notice the difference in the location of the notch on the module. It is very helpful for users in installing the correct type of memory in their personal computers.
Secondly, DDR3 RAM consumes very less power (i.e. 1.5 V) as compared to DDR (2.5 V) and DDR2 (1.8 V).
When it comes to speed, DDR2 offers modules of 533MHz, 667MHz & 800 MHz. It was preferred over DDR memory modules, which ran at clock speeds of 200MHz and 400MHz. Contrary to this, DDR3 has proved to be an extraordinary module with double speeds of 1066MHz, 1333MHz and 1600MHz speeds.
However, its global implementation may take some time, as AMD has recently started manufacturing its processors compatible to the DDR2 RAM. But these higher performance DDR3 modules will bring a revolution in memory bandwidth in PCs.

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Power Protection Services said...

Thanks for sharing the updated information. DDR3 RAM has more advanced features over DDR2. I am sure that DDR3 modules will bring a revolution in memory bandwidth in PCs definitely.

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