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Purchasing RAM for Your Computer: Watch Out for Prices!

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Here is one experience shared by one of the users:
Everyone seeks maximum performance, superior quality & 100% compatibility in this computerized world. Starting from the kilobytes, the technology is getting advanced towards megabytes, gigabytes & up to terabytes! Floppy discs have been transformed to hard discs and flash drives. Enhancing computer memory is the latest issue about which everyone is keen. My dad’s old computer was to be repaired and the primary issue was related to its RAM.
After going through a computer memory guide book, I came to know that there are different types of RAM and practically it is not possible to use all or anyone of them in the same computer. Finally, I came to a conclusion that DDR2 SDRAM is the latest of all and can be clubbed easily with my dad’s computer. So I decided to survey the market for the same.
This DDR2 SDRAM or double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory is the latest invention in RAM that allows higher bus speed. It also requires lower power by running the internal clock at one quarter the speed of the data bus. It differs from DDR RAM as the memory cells in DDR2 are clocked at 1 quarter (rather than half) the rate of the bus. While going to purchase the same, my friends suggested me to prefer the products of Transcend in comparison to any other company or brand, still I did a comparison of 2-3 brands.

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Anonymous said...

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