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Points to Remember While Buying a USB Pen Drive

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USB pen drives have made the process of data transfer pain free. People can now carry their entire office documents or personal data (including videos, pictures or music files) in their pockets. With these easy to use and portable devices, any data or valuable information can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. It’s like carrying the entire computer in your pocket!
Gone are the days when people did not have much devices for digital media / data storage! There were just a handful of electronic storage devices, which were not affordable by everyone. Bulky storage devices, bulky prices, lesser storage capacity and low speed! Put down this old chapter of technology and step in the era of advancement.
Buy Latest USB Pen Drives:
Pen drive is basically a ‘Universal Serial Bus’ (USB) Flash Drive, which has an inbuilt memory card to storage music files, videos, pictures, official documents or any other form of digital information. The primary pen drives used to have a storage capacity of 64MB or 128MB only. But as the technology is getting advanced day by day, these low capacity drives have become outdated. Today you will get to see a pen drive with minimum storage capacity of 1GB that extends to 32GB easily or even more.
Some of the advantages of pen drives over other conventional storage devices are:
  • As the name suggests, a pen drive is so small in size that you can carry it in your key chain or pocket very easily. The best part with this revolutionary digital storage device it that you may observe difference between pen drives in terms of storage capacity (ranging from 256MB or 512MB to 8GB, 16GB, 32GB or even bigger), but still the size of the device remains the same.
  • These are rewritable. It means, once you copy or write data on the device from any source, you can re-write another data on it after transferring the older data to some other source (as per the space available on the disc). This facility was not available in floppies or CDs.
  • The small printed circuit board, fitted inside the pen drives, provides better data transfer speed.
  • Data is stored in the microchip (fitted within the circuit board). It extracts or transfers data to other devices with comparatively less power consumption.
  • For safety of your pen drive from viruses, you may install some authentic antivirus software in it.
  • For safety of your valuable data, pen drives offer a unique function of data recovery, which was not available with other conventional forms of data storage.
USB pen drive market is full of various cost effective devices that are available in bright colours and unique designs. With better technology and competitive market, you will come across numerous companies and USB Drive manufacturers. But make sure that you buy a USB pen drive of a reputed make from some authentic & reliable USB Pen Drive supplier only.

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