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How to Buy a Laptop without spending a fortune

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For a layman the purchase of a ‘good’ laptop is equivalent to buying one that is meant for gaming purposes, as it is the common understanding that laptops meant for gaming purposes are best in the industry. But do you think it really makes sense to invest a fortune on one when you actually do not have the requirements for the same. For example why would you need a high end models if your utility is basically to work on the ‘MS Word’ & to surf the internet? Here are a few pointers that can help you to get the best possible laptop in accordance to your requirements:

Processor: It is ideal to buy a laptop with dual processor, with at least 2.4 GHz and above performance. If you choose a slower processor, it is not really worth the cost as there would be lot of compromises in terms of performance and it would impact the workability of the same. It is recommended to go in for Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz

RAM: RAM is going cheaper each day, and it is always recommended to have more of it than less to increase the efficiency of your system, SDRAM 1GB RAM is not recommended as there should be at least 2GB DDR2 SDRAM in the system, Though you can also opt for 3GB or 4GB RAM as well.

Graphic Card: If you are to use your laptop for gaming purposes, it is highly recommended that you go in for a dedicated graphic card with high memory so that there is no RAM sharing with the computer so as to compromise on the speed and effectiveness of system performance.

Hard Disk: It is mandatory to have at least 160 GB free hard disk space, besides the free space it is also important to have faster transfer data facility in the hard drive.

Screen: Having a huge big screen can add to the experience of games. Therefore you can invest in 15-17” monitor with high Definition screen output.

These guidelines can not only help you to purchase a good gaming laptop, rather it can also help you to perform the mundane tasks with ease and comfort!

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