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How to Connect Two Computers with USB Cable

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Heard of USB Networking Cable ever? Almost all of us connect our computers with mobile phones, USB flash drives, digital cameras, printers, scanners and several other electronic devices just to transfer our desired data to and fro our PCs. Have you ever tried connecting 2 PCs with one USB cable for data transfer? Yes, it is again an interesting phenomenon to transfer files or building network or even sharing Internet connection. This is where a USB Networking Cable or Bridged USB Cable comes into play.
Usually, the PC is connected to mobile phones, ipods, digi cams or printers via A/B USB Cables. But being different from other USB Cables, the one used to connect two PCs is called A/A USB Cable. As far as data transfer speed is concerned, you can easily find a USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 cables in market. Usually the windows or operating systems are not compatible with this networking phenomenon. Therefore, you need to install the programme and drivers of the respective USB cable to both the computers. Remember to restart your computer after installing the drivers.
This phenomenon works in two different ways: the link mode and the Internet mode. Usually, when two different computers are attached with a Bridged cable via link mode, the data transfer speed is comparatively faster and the process is easier. But to get Internet/printer/scanner access in both the PCs, one needs to attach the same via network mode.
To get perfect access of Internet, please make sure that both the computers are configured to your desired IP address. This can be easily identified from the Network Connections menu in the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) section. The process of transferring data or files is quite easy and similar to attaching the computer with a USB pen drive or mobile phone.

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