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DDR2 RAM - What does it do?

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We totally look for swifter and more efficient performance from our computers, investing in a variety of peripherals to aid in reaching greater heights of performance. Most of the computers today come with the latest in computer technology along with speedy CPUs and large RAM. Since 2004, DDR2 Memory RAM or Double Data Rate II, has replaced DDR1 as the new generation of DDR technology.

DDR2 is physically different from DDR1 memory RAM. It cannot be used on computers that do not come with DDR2 technology. This is because DDR2 has different numbers of pin sets : 240 pins where DDR1 has only 180pins . The other fact that makes DDR2 more advanced is in terms of speed. Its lowest level speed is 400Mhz, which is the highest in the case of DDR1 and it goes up to 800Mhz. That is the reason why upgrading your computer with a DDR2 gives a better and efficient performance on your computer. Using DDR2 RAM can function at a faster speeds and also adjust greater data bandwidths, which helps in grazing the internet much faster. This RAM not only consumes less power but with enhanced thermal performance keeps the computer cool for a longer duration, which was not in the case of DDR1. Still, few things should be restrained in mind before upgrading to DDR2. Be sure of your specification of your computer motherboard, increase both the speed and RAM together, and do not install memory on your own and take the help of a technical person to do it for you.

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