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SODIMM RAM Memory Modules

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SODIMM RAM Memory Modules are used to enhance memory in laptops to increase its effectiveness. As against the desktop computers where you are provided with three to four slots to put in the memory modules, laptops have just two slots. Since they are portable machines therefore DIMM and SIMM memories are not used in them, and only one of the following is used in laptops: SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, 72 pin SODIMM or 144 Pin SODIMM RAM. In addition to these prominent ones; it is important that you consider the following pointers before buying a laptop.
The first and the foremost is to consider is as to how much memory you would need. Without knowing the end utility of your computer you would not know what kind if memory to use when you want to upgrade your system at later stages. Though; it is always advisable to buy PCs with adequate memory so that the need of upgrading does not arise very frequently. However it is better to buy something that would be appropriate for your utility. (Though; that is not always possible, as even the latest of configuration can become redundant in a computer with memory starved applications that are prevalent in the computers). You should know that if you are principally using your computer for basic functionalities then the memory in that system should be around 128MB. In case your utility goes to word processing end then the memory requirements has to be within 128 MB and 256 MB.
In case your laptop has the end utility of gaming as well then it should be using around 512 MB of RAM. These are some of the basic pointers that should be kept in your mind before making the purchase. Though these are just the basic guidelines; and the ultimate decisions is yours only about the amount of memory required. It is also important to know that in some laptops up gradation of memory is possible only to a certain extent and you cannot go beyond that. Therefore; it is imperative that you check the maximum RAM growing capacity in the system. Keeping these pointers in mind can help you go a long way with memory purchases in a laptop computer, so that your system performs phenomenally!

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