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DDR3 RAM Memory: Another Step Towards Betterment

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Based on the similar overall appearance and DIMM profile of DDR2 RAM, the latest DDR3 version is capturing the market with a high pace. Although higher price and different pin connections are the blocking factors in its popularity that make it incompatible with our pockets and various computers / operating systems, respectively. This advanced version of RAM was developed while keeping in mind the improved efficiency of the computers. However, it witnessed a complete makeover in terms of fabrication process, integrated circuit and architectural design improvements.
Improved data transfer and low power consumption are the basic mantras of DDR3 RAM. Memory Low power consumption technique is so beautifully clubbed with this memory module that it uses just 73% of the power in comparison to DDR2 RAM. According to a study, where a DDR2 RAM of 1066 MHz clock speed uses about 2.2 V of power, the DDR3 types of 1600 MHz uses only 1.5 V power. This small difference in power consumption might not get noticed at your home, where you are using just a single workstation. But in an office or industry with hundreds of workstations, it affects a lot. This way, in the family of SDRAM modules, it is the more advanced and high-end RAM type.
However, coming to the scalability and expansion, the DDR3 RAM Memory type is still not compatible with some of the computers. But it is amazingly better than its predecessor. With so many advantages over other conventional RAM types, the DDR3 RAM is here to stay. So contact your DDR3 RAM Supplier today or visit an authentic & reliable computer RAM Exporter ; Manufacturer today for a list of all the advanced and recently launched RAM types. With the help of such a research, you can finalize the type and size of RAM that you require for your computer as per your usage.

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