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DDR2 SDRAM 4GB Memory Modules

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Conventionally the notion of ‘bigger being better’ has been adhered to in the IT sector as well, implying that more RAM that one has to their discretion is considered better for the operation in their systems. With the prices of memory touching rock bottom and its efficiency growing day by day, money is not the constrain in limiting the amount of RAM that one can have in their system. So anyone can fill in DDR2 SDRAM 4GB modules in each of their memory slot and hope for a phenomenal increase in the efficiency of the system. But actually speaking that is not the scenario. What is the reason why people are restricting the usage of RAM in their system? The underlying fact can be pointed out conclusively follows the statement that ‘bigger is not always better’.
If increasing your RAM from 128 MB to 256 MB increases the efficiency of the system by fifty percent that does not entail that the rate of increase of system’s efficiency would follow that graph. Implying that going from 512 to 1GB or for that matter from 1GB to 4GB may not lead to a two hundred percent increase in efficiency of the system. The reason that can be attributed to this is the fact that after a certain level the system reaches a plateau whereby its performance cannot go up. This is because of the fact that the system is not capable of handling anything more than a certain amount of RAM. Therefore the excessive RAM is actually a wasteful expenditure of money. But then the major question is how much RAM is actually good enough for your system? Usually the amount of RAM supplied in your system is adequate for your usage unless you have some specified usages like high end animation and multimedia utilities. In case you are buying your system for that end then you can always get the RAM increased after checking the suppliers about the adequate RAM that would be required in your system.

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