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How Much Computer RAM Do You Need?

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Buying a computer or any computer part does not require spending a lot of money. What it needs is the best & up-to-date technology and a research about your requirement regarding the work type. Computer RAM is the primary element that needs to be updated from time to time otherwise the system gets slow in processing as the load increases and storage capacity decreases.

Market Scenario in Desktop RAM:

The latest RAM module launched by the Desktop RAM manufacturers is DDR3 type. It is the best answer to all the memory hungry applications that usually create problems with efficiency and speed in Windows XP, Windows Vista or even Windows 7. You will often come across people complaining that they are using the updated 64-bit version of Windows and the capacity of their RAM is 4GB, even then the system efficiency is not that fast. Usually, in such a case, the computer requires twice the amount of memory as a 32-bit version. And of the 4GB space available, you get to use only about 3.5GB.

Use of Heavy RAM:

If you are using your computer for high-end designing purpose, heavy video conferencing, video editing or online gaming – computer RAMs ranging from 512M to 1GB or 2GB will prove to be insufficient. If you need extraordinary efficiency, you have to install at-least 4GB RAM in your computer to serve the purpose. Windows enabled computers usually require a 64-bit processor that is compatible with such a heavy RAM to better processing and speed.

Simple internet browsing, e-mail handling, viewing photographs and watching movies are some of the basic functions performed by your computer. These usually do not require complicated machinery and more advanced technology. The latest of all, DDR3 RAM is not in so much of practise with all kind of machines as there are a few issues in its compatibility with conventional processors and high voltage (1.50V). No doubt, it offers an excellent configuration and boosts up the efficiency up to several times. But in terms of compatibility, DDR and DDR2 RAM are more popular across the market.

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