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Common Queries about RAM

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RAM is a a short form for Random Access Memory, and it is actually an intrinsic part of the computer, as it stores information in itself that is required to be used frequently by the computer. If at all the CPU had to access the hard drive again and again to retrieve the pertinent data then it would make the computer very slow as hard disk would be catering to constant needs of CPU, thereby holding back or slowing down the other functionalities all together. RAM is very important for the effective functioning of applications in the computer.

However, it holds more importance for some than others. For example processes like video encoding and database applications require huge quantities of RAM as they are RAM intensive packages, however applications like internet surfing, MS word assignments and PowerPoint presentations are not very heavy on memory requirements. Therefore before one narrows down his requirements to upgrading RAM in the system it is mandatory to analyse the end utility for your system and thereby plan in accordance to your needs. If you think that you need RAM for extensive functions like 3D animations etc then you should invest in the same however otherwise one should hold back the unnecessary expenditure.

While deciding in purchasing RAM there are many things to be considered; first of all the kind of RAM that you need, like maybe DDR or DDR2 Ram and then the capacity; which depends on your utility. For example DDR2 256MB RAM is sufficient for regular and simple work. You can invest more in bigger capacities depending in your end utility. Also depending on the motherboard, you have to check on the available option for your computer, as Intel motherboards support DDR2 RAM whereas AMD support DDR types only. Therefore there are a lots of factors that need due consideration before the purchase is made, and it is also important to spend time on this as it is an essential aspect of efficient working on computer.

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