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Gone are the days of floppy discs! Although this mode of data storage and dada transfer from one computer to the other served the industry several decades but the major drawback with this mode was related to its reliability. The usage was quite restrictive and the storage was also very limited. Later, CD and DVD drives ruled the industry for a long time. But the recent advent of USB pen drives has superseded all other data storage or data transfer devices.
USB (Universal Serial Bus) pen drive or flash drive is a very compact device with a huge data storage capacity that can be easily plugged in your computer or laptop anytime and anywhere. Some of the major benefits of USB drives over other conventional forms of data storage, which have made it become popular all across the globe, are:
  • Innovative designs and compatibility factors of pen drives by USB pen drive manufacturers suit the taste and sensibility of each & every computer user.
  • These devices come with a data storage capacity ranging from megabytes to several gigabytes.
  • USB drives provide you with complete freedom to store any kind of data, documents, pictures, music files, videos, multimedia applications etc. and even to transfer the same from one compute to the other with a very high speed.
  • USB pen drives are very small in size and very light in weight. Because of this portability factor, these can be easily carried to anywhere.
  • The advanced USB drives are compatible with all kinds of operating systems in computers. This means you need not to install any additional software to use these drives.
  • As the drives are used to transfer data from one computer to another, these are very prone to viruses. To solve this issue, the USB pen drive manufacturers now offer drives with inbuilt anti-virus, data protection system and password recovery system.
Whenever you wish to buy a pen drive for personal or even official use, it is recommended not to go for the cheaper prices or flashy designs / looks. Although prices matter, but try to search across the market all the leading USB drive suppliers. Browse through the internet and try to visit some of the suppliers personally to get details of all the leading USB pen drive manufacturers.
Compare the specifications and data storage capacity. Checkout the manufacturing company, the make and the year of manufacturing. Then only make a decision about the drive you wish to purchase. The heavy use of digital consumer devices has uplifted the market of USB drives in a last few years.

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