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Why do PCs Crash: How to Avoid It

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People who regularly work on computers are quite familiar with the attributes of frozen computers. This can cause major loss of data and huge sums of money requirements to fix this problem. However if you are cautious about a few aspects then probably this can be easily avoided. Certain reasons that can be attributed for PC crash are listed below:
  • Hardware mismatch: This can happen very frequently as there are so many hardware components in the system and if there are installation problems; then it can lead to this. This can be tackled by reinstalling the hardware components in the correct manner
  • One obvious reason for PC crash is Virus in the systems; which can be prevented by scanning everything before downloading it in to the system
  • RAM malfunctioning: This can happen when people want to upgrade their system with new RAM which is not compatible with the already existing RAM in the system. Making them work together can lead to faulty working of the computers. Therefore SDRAM RAM manufacturers try to educate people on RAM compatibilities before they attempt at installing the same in their systems.
  • Problems with Video cards display can also lead to crashes, therefore the resolution of the video card display should be reduced
  • BIOS setting mismatches can also cause this as older RAMs in the systems use 3 latency whereas the newer SDRAM use latency as 2. This kind of mismatch can lead to computer problems.
  • If hard disk drives have not been defragmented frequently then also systems can crash, therefore it is a good idea to defragment your PC at regular intervals.
If one is able to take care of these basic concerns then probably one can prevent the PC from getting crashed.

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