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What Computer RAM to buy for your Computer?

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-->When it comes to buying computer RAM, people are usually not very knowledgeable of what they should buy and what impact different kind of RAMs would have their system. It is a very important to have correct information on this for effective functioning of your computer.
Till now we all know that Computer RAM is very pertinent part of effective functioning of the computer. The more RAM that we have in the system the better it is considered for efficient running of the system. People just know that RAM is available various capacities 1GB, 2GB 4 and 8GB. But this much information is just the tip of the iceberg. Discussing about RAM and its functions and its types is such vast topic that it requires lot of time detailed knowledge to discuss about the same.
Vast majority of people using computers nowadays would not know what DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3 RAMS are all about, or for that matter if they are RAM also or not? For this reason it is very important to throw some light on DDR RAM, as DDR variations are very important to determine how your computer is going to function. DDR1 computer manufacturers say that this is the most common form of RAM that is used in PC and laptops. If you do not know what kind of RAM your PC is using then you can check it from your computer? If it uses 184 contact pins then it is DDR1 RAM, whereas DDR1 RAM laptops would have 200 contact pins. Within DDR RAM there are various categories, based on the speeds that they offer. For example there are PC-1600, 2100, 2700 and 3200 speeds offered by DDR1 RAMS. It is always recommended to install RAM that are of higher speeds than offered by the system, than having lower speed RAM as it may hinder effective functioning of the system.
As compared to DDR2 and DDR3 RAMS DDR1 is comparatively slower, though it is capable of offering transfer rate of 3200MB per seconds. It is also very important to know that these RAMs are not interchangeable; therefore one cannot plug DDR2 SDRAM in DDR1 computer. Those computers are capable of handling just that kind of RAM only. However, DDR is evolution of SDRAM, as it offers double data rate of transfer and the DDR SDRAM transfer of data is twice as fast as the simple SDRAM transfer. Therefore, by now we know that if you want RAM for your system which one should be ideal and compatible with your PC and what are the advantages that it offers.


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