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Types of DDR RAM in Computer

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Synchronous dynamic random access memory; a fast and more efficient processor; improved bandwidth than conventional memory type; more data passed through the RAM chip at one go... Sounds very techy! Let’s make it simpler. We are talking about the latest and revised versions in computer RAM that help in making the system faster and effective. DDR2 RAM stands for ‘Double Data Rate 2’, and as the name suggests, it is the advanced version of DDR memory.
An Overview:
Developed in the year 2003, DDR2 type serves as an ideal module for SDRAM processors in computers today. The best part with this type of RAM is that it uses the stored memory to process and make gateway for new information. This way it transfers data comparatively faster.
Benefits of DDR RAM:
Earlier, the DDR SDRAM type was the preferred choice for all computers. But DDR2’s capability of sending data on both the rising & falling edges of the processor’s clock cycles in double quantity superseded the original DDR RAM type.
Moreover, being more efficient, DDR2 uses less amount of power. But as the manufacturing design of DDR2 differs from the older DDR RAM, it can be upgraded in a computer which is compatible with DDR type only. Therefore, one needs to be very cautious while upgrading the RAM of his / her computer.
You may find DDR or DDR2 RAM types available in sizes of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB or even bigger. These may be upgraded as per your requirement or your type of work. But the issue lies with memory clock frequency. RAMs are available in different clock frequency like 533MHz, 667MHz or 800MHz etc. Generally users do not pay attention towards this. After all, if you are a low or medium user of the computer applications – it won’t affect your type of work. But if you are into designing, online gaming or computing industry – choose a RAM with high profile clock frequency that can increase the efficiency and is compatible with huge sizes of RAMs.
To add to the list, DDR2 is going to be superseded by DDR3 type that has stepped in the market recently. It has much more added advantages than earlier both the types. Of course, the need for speed will not come to an end ever...and so the advancements in computer world!

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