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How to buy Memory cards for Digital Camera

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Once you buy a digital camera, everything from the lens to the batteries and the camera itself is easily replaceable or repairable or is covered under warranty. But those important family pictures of your child’s first day to school or your family wedding pictures, if lost cannot be recovered and there is nothing that can help in getting those precious moments; captured in pictures; back. Therefore there is a lot to know and invest in a memory card for digital camera Which one to buy? How much memory should be enough? Is one large memory card better than the many smaller ones? These are all the questions that should be clear when you buy a memory card.
First and foremost being that the memory cards have to be reliable. The CF (Compact Flash Cards) offer more utility in terms of superior read/ write speeds, larger storage capacity and less likelihood of malfunctioning than the Secure Digital (SD) Cards. To top it all an advanced feature in these is the capacity of rewriting the data from a defective sector to a secure location and also the facility of error rectification that helps keep the data secure.
Moreover you should also try to prevent errors occurring because of personal mishandling, for example you should not try to eject the card before the camera has finished writing data on the card. Therefore it is always advisable to exercise caution and to stick to the top bracket for buying the memory cards and invest in reputable brands.

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